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Early Registration : Week Of May 22nd & May 29th
1st Child 2st Child 3st Child 4th Child +
$576 $516 $396 $276
Regular Registration Fees: Week Of June 5th & June 12th
1st Child 2st Child 3st Child 4th Child +
$631 $571 $451 $331

In order to maintain order, the administration will use the following disciplinary measures:

  • For first offenses the child shall receive a verbal warning.
  • Further offenses will be dealt with by contacting the parents.
  • If the negative behavior continues, the child may be suspended from school or removed without a refund.

Dress Code

In order to preserve the sanctity of the Masjid, we shall require all children to wear appropriate dress while attending Saturday School. We ask that parents ensure that students maintain a proper standard of dress, which displays respect for Masjid’s etiquettes.

  • Girls are required to wear a non-transparent hijab.
  • Girls are required to wear long sleeve shirts.
  • It is recommended for both boys and girls to wear modestly loose clothing.
  • Any clothing materials displaying inappropriate images are not allowed.

Drop off and Pickup
In order to ensure students safety, we require parents drop off and pick up students ONLY ​from their respective classes. Parents may not send anyone else to pick their child, unless a written instruction is given to the school in advance.
Please pack lunch for your child. Please note that due to allergies, the masjid has a nut-free policy.
REFUND POLICYTuition is non-refundable

Textbook and workbook are included within the tuition fees. Parents may be asked to pay for any additional books that may be required.

School Policies


Any student who arrives 10 minutes after the assembly begins will be counted as tardy. Every 3 times a student is late to school, they will be required to stay after class and clean the classroom.


Absences will affect your child’s education and grade. Please attend class everyday. If your child is absent, please let us know in advance with a letter or email. If prior notice is not given then students are required to bring in a letter from parents the next stating their reason for absence. Students will be responsible for making up any assignments during his/her absence.

Dress Code

All students must wear modest clothing. Girls must wear outfits that have long sleeves and covers to the ankles. They also must cover their hair. Boys can wear short sleeves, but must be long enough that when praying the back does not become exposed. Shorts should not be worn unless it covers the knees completely. Clothes for boys and girls must be loose and not see-through.

Behavior in class

Must bring your required textbook, notebooks and a pen/pencil. Obey and have respect for teachers, authority, and other students.
Raise your hand before speaking. Otherwise, sit quietly during class time, and not talk, shout, yell, whisper, laugh or disturb their fellow students. Don’t touch anything that’s not yours in the classroom or anywhere else. Do not hit, punch, slap, otherwise fight, or injure their fellow students. After school, wait inside the masjid while waiting for your parents. Student cell phones MUST be TURNED OFF during school hours. Students found talking or ‘messaging’ on their phones will have the devices confiscated, and will be subject to disciplinary action. Toys, Cards, Magazines, Headphones, Beepers, Cellular Phones, Radios and Electronic Games are not allowed. If such a radio/game is accidentally brought to school, it should either be left in the student’s backpack or submitted to the office until the end of the school day.

Behavior in masjid

While in the prayer hall, no running, playing or raising your voice While praying, concentrate and do not talk to others. No violence or swearing (in or outside the masjid).


Parents are required to park their car and accompany their child to their class. Parents will be notified of the school’s curriculum, and will be expected to help their children with learning and homework. Parents are encouraged to volunteer. Please contact your child’s principal to be a volunteer in any of the activities run by the masjid.

Disciplinary Action Policy

Students who violate the above code of conduct inside class or masjid will be spoken to by their teacher, and asked to refrain from their bad conduct failing that, a note shall be sent home to the parent failing that, the student will be suspended.

Academics and Grading Policy

Teachers will submit progress reports daily and exams will be given throughout the year. After each exam there will be parent teacher meetings where you will sit one on one with your child’s teacher and discuss his/her progress and ways to help your child improve. Any questions regarding your child’s progress in class and his/her performance should be directed to their respective teacher(s).

Tuition Assistance
Hillside Islamic Center Sunday School Tuition Assistance
HIC is dedicated to providing education to all, regardless of financial ability. In accord with this philosophy, we have established the following protocol in seeking financial aid:
1. Periodic Payment Plan/Deferred Payment
Parents can request for a periodic payment plan whereby the total payment of the tuition and fees will be split up over two or three installments, to be paid in full by May 2019.
2. Reduced Tuition
If the parents are unable to fulfill the tuition and fee obligations through the options above, HIC will consider a tuition reduction. Determinations are made with strict scrutiny and confidentiality. Families requesting financial assistance must submit their last year’s tax returns, bills(mortgage payment, electric bill, etc) and a letter stating why financial aid is needed in order to be considered for any assistance.
Please Note:​ Families requesting financial assistance are not guaranteed to receive any assistance but will be considered on a case by case basis.